The project is divided into 5 work packages (WPs), which are articulated by the following activities:

WP1- Project’s Coordination

WP leader: Dr. Katya Carbone CREA – OFA (Rome)

The WP1 is dedicated to the project’s coordination and management.

WP2 – Hop

WP leader: Dr. Alberto Assirelli CREA – IT (Rome)

The main goal of the WP2 is linked to the enhancement of the cultivated hop in Italy

WP3 – Beer

WP leader: Dr. Tiziana Amoriello CREA – AN (Rome)

The main goal of the WP3 is linked to the competitive improvement of craft beer made with Italian raw products, especially the hop, chosen for their adaptability and their nutritional values.

WP4 – Transfer to the stakeholders

WP leader: Dr. Alessandro Piscicelli CREA (Rome)

WP5 – Socio-economic sustainability, I&C statistic analysis

WP leader: Dr. Serena Tarangioli CREA – PB (Rome)

The WP5 is aimed at rebuilding the socio-economic dimension of the brewing chain and, at the same time, at analyzing the socio-economic potentials of the production of hop and craft beer.